Game Knights #18 — Homebrew Commander w/ The Professor and Wedge

This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. And by VRV: visit to sign-up for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL and start watching your favorite shows and videos immediately. They’ve got the best in anime, tech, cartoons and more! ———- SHOW NOTES: The Professor from Tolarian Community College and Wedge from The Mana […]

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Commander Cookout E60 — Licia, Blood Tribune Voltron

Hello and welcome to another Commander Cookout Podcast! This week, Brando and Ryan take a look at Friend of the show, Kyle Schulz’s Licia, Sanguine Tribune Voltron list. You can peep the list here:… If you’d like to let us know how we did, you can shoot us a message at or get […]

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Jumbo Commander — Pir & Toothy Partner Commander Deck Tech

Pir, Imaginative Rascal & Toothy, Imaginary Friend are new partners from Battlebond. They can also pair up in your command zone for to be a flexible and powerful team. They are playing around with simic mechanics that we are used to but that just means that they will go in a lot of decks. Decklist: […]

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CMDR Central E40 — Speeding up the Game

Dana, Max and Chris sit down to discuss how to speed up your EDH games when all they do is drag on and on. They also discuss a listeners deck, and call out another entrant to AtraxaBowl. Jenara Enchantment Deck: Support us on Patreon: Subscribe on Youtube: Subscribe on iTunes: Follow us on […]

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Commanderin’ E133 — Battlebond Preview Card: Play of the Game

We are privileged to bring you our #MTGBattle Battlebond preview card, Play of the Game! We are joined by Gavin Verhey, too, who was the lead designer on Battlebond! Read Gavin’s article here:… Get the hi-res version from our video:… Patron Contest Inspiration:… Support the show! or See our episodes […]

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MTG Muddstah — Yargle vs Kamahl vs Grunn vs Darien

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The Knowledge Pool — Kresh the Bloodbraided

Hi everyone! Welcome back to The Knowledge Pool! Most commanders have an obvious theme and encourage us to play specific cards. This is apparent when we consider the decks I’ve presented so far. Mayael wants us to play with big creatures, Trostani wants us to make tokens, and Kydele wants to untap. I personally love […]

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60 to 100 — A Less Constricted Muldrotha

Well hey there party people! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Hopefully you didn’t miss our forays and fun too much. I’m back this week with a deck that, of course, I love because if you’ve been listening to the EDHRECast(which you should be!) you’ll know that I was so confident in this being the […]

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Uncommonders — Flames and Forges

Hmm? Article? What do you mean arti- Oh, THOSE articles! Hello again, beloved readers! My name is Seth “DM” Cross and you guessed it; this is another installment of Uncommonder. This series was originally inspired by the fact that Dominaria came fully equipped twenty legendary creatures (also commonly referred to as commanders or generals in […]

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EDHRECast E7 — Diggin’ Through Time with Dean Gootee

This week Joey, Matt and Dana get together with EDHREC writer Dean Gootee to dig through time and take a look at some older cards that are still relevant today. If you want to check out more of the content Dean mentions on the cast, use the links below! Dean’s Articles: Dean’s Stream:  

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