Low Market — Borborygmos’ Splendid Combo

Borborygmos Enraged art by Aleksi Briclot Anger Management It’s an important life skill, I believe, to find constructive outlets for your anger. I, for example, might channel it into video games. Some people might exercise. Some people might find a private place to emit a primal screech. Borborygmos Enraged does none of these things, preferring […]

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Low Market — An Author Twice Cursed

Overwhelming Splendor art by Richard Wright Darn You to Heck When the two suns of Amonkhet were naught but distant lights on the horizon, we knew to expect two things: top-down Egyptian themes, and top-down Nicol Bolas themes. What I did not expect was a smattering of curses, which (save for Wheel of Sun and […]

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Low Market — The Scorpion God Elemental Tribal

The Scorpion God art by Lius Lasahido The People Have Spoken! Welcome to Low Market, brought to you this week by extra democracy! No, I’m not talking about the recently-passed Independence Day here in the US: I’m talking about you, dear readers, for voting to narrow down this week’s theme. You voted strongly in favor of […]

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Low Market — Hondens Enchantress

Horde of Notions art by Adam Rex When you build as many strange decks as I do, you might start to notice a trend: why are all these oddball concepts turning five-color? Five-color voltron, five-color superfriends (i.e. planeswalkers), five-color spellslinger– sometimes, you just want it all. Today on Low Market, we will have it all: […]

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Low Market — Zada Spellslinger

The Daily Grind Here on Low Market, we do our level best to balance out what sorts of budget decks we build, in terms of both colors used and highlighted archetypes. Unfortunately, there are occasional deficiencies. Today we push the pendulum back towards equity by shining the spotlight on an underused color (mono-red) in a […]

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Low Market – Pauper Commander Double Feature

Gilder Bairn art by Nils Hamm Buy One Get One Free Today on Low Market we stray slightly from the path of pure-blooded Commander. I love Commander in all – well, most – of its expressions, and I am nothing if not equitable. Today, we turn our budget deckbuilding eye to Pauper Commander!   The […]

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Low Market — Alesha Cycling

The Cycle Unbroken My love of the cycling mechanic is well-documented. How well-documented? Well, I mentioned it at least once, in the cycling subsection of my Hapatra article. What? That’s not enough documentation for you? Fine! Then I’ll make an entire list based around cycling, and I’ll base it on one of my favorite Commander decks: Alesha […]

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Low Market — Hapatra, Vizier of Multitasking

Poisoned Words It’s the week following Amonkhet spoiler season, and you know what that means! Or, maybe you don’t, since this column has only existed for one prior set release. In which case: it’s time to highlight one of the new legends! Without further ado, let me introduce our new snake-y friend, Hapatra, Vizier of […]

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Low Market — Sydri Aetherflux Storm

Something’s Brewin’ At one point in building an EDH deck, you have to stop and think about how to kill your opponents. Sometimes it’s with your big angry commander (see: Rafiq of the Many). Sometimes, it’s with your big angry Fireball (see: Mizzix of the Izmagnus). Sometimes, it’s with your big angry horde of tokens (see: Rhys the […]

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Low Market — Unscythe, Killer of Wallets

Killer of Metagames For many intenet denizens, April Fools’ Day is an opportunity for pranks ranging from the hilarious to the inane. Here at Low Market Headquarters, it’s an opportunity for some…unconventional deck building. Maybe with, gee, I don’t know… a multicolored legendary artifact – equipment? Yes, Unscythe! Now, as a non-creature card, Unscythe is […]

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