Uncompetitive Spirit — Planechase EDH, part 2

Welcome readers to another edition of Uncompetitive Spirit! In my previous article, which you can find by following this link here: CLICK, I described the format of Planechase EDH, or at least the way my particular group plays it. From the comments below that article, and other feedback I received, it seems we’re not alone […]

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Uncompetitive Spirit — Planechase EDH, part 1

Happy Holidays everyone! Hopefully you have some time off from school or work, and that you use this time off for some epic games of EDH with friends and family. Today, Uncompetitive Spirit brings you another way to mix things up – and make them games even more epic! I’m talking about mixing in another […]

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Uncompetitive Spirit — Chase

Welcome to December’s first installment of Uncompetitive Spirit! Here we celebrate not only the holidays, but also the quirky ways to play EDH with our friends – format variants! In this article series, I discuss the basic rules and strategies for each of these variants, and I also throw out a deck generated by this […]

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Uncompetitive Spirit — Pentagram

You all know how it goes. You make the calls. You put the brews (or soda) in the fridge. You set the stage and make room around the kitchen table for yourself and three other powerful mages. And then four show up. So what do you do? You could just go ahead and play EDH […]

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Uncompetitive Spirit — Kingdoms

Too Many Cooks… EDH is pretty great, though I think we’d be hard-pressed to find consensus among the community about exactly what it is that makes it great. Some like to play competitive EDH, a concept I myself find very difficult to grok. Some like to play preconstructed decks or Pauper EDH with only commons […]

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