Commander Time E11 — July/August Articles

We wrote articles. Now we speak of them. Paradox Engine. Akiri. Reyhan. Visions Games. Pets. Goofy song. Ernestine:… @commandtime @grubfellow @misterplorg @detectiveyarmas

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Commander Time E10 — Threat Assessment

We talk about threat assessment. Games. Pets. Goofy song. Ellis: @commandtime @grubfellow @misterplorg @detectiveyarmas

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Commander Time E9: Jank — The No-Turns Deck

Interested in entering a time singularity? We brewed a deck that intends to stop taking any turns. What? Why? How? Listen and find out. Games. Pets. Goofy song. @commandtime @grubfellow @misterplorg @detectiveyarmas  

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Commander Time E3 — May Articles

We wrote some articles last month. Now we talk about them. Games. Pets. Goofy song. @commandtime @grubfellow @misterplorg @detectiveyarmas

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Commander Time E1 — Back to Basics

A new podcast emerges! This one is especially awesome since the cast all writes for EDHREC! Check them out! Wherein three EDHREC writers ramble on about their process of building commander decks and playing them. Games! Cats and dogs! A goofy song!… @commandtime @grubfellow @misterplorg @detectiveyarmas………

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