Commander VS — Commander Anthology: Meren vs Kaalia vs Derevi vs Freyalise

Commander’s greatest hits has found the hands of the Commander VS crew! This week, they’re cracking it open and battling for your amusement! Enjoy! Decklists:… Subscribe to us for more Magic content:… Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow the SCGTour on Twitter: The official Youtube Channel of […]

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Non-Basically Speaking — Kaalia of the Vast

Kaalia of the Vast EDH Deck

Hello friends, angels, dragons, and demons! Welcome back to EDHREC and our continuing biweekly column, Non-Basically Speaking, the series that strives to identify non-basic lands that should be considered valuable staples or hidden gems based on their visibility on EDHREC. Kaalia of the Vast has long been an EDH favorite of Timmys everywhere who want […]

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EDH Benchwarmers — Kaalia of the Vast

We did it, we found an actual theme for my article series. People seemed to dig the idea of the “Better Version.dec” from last time (Teneb instead of Karador) so, the EDH Benchwarmers series is born. A quick word about what it means to be a “Benchwarmer” before we begin. Benchwarmer is without a doubt […]

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