EDH Political Science — Marchesa’s Bully Pulpit

At the end of last year India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, announced a bold plan to cut out black market spending and corruption. Eliminate money. Not all money, but enough of the untraceable, large denomination, physical bills so the underground economy is either left exposed or starves. A wave of anti-corruption politics has swept other […]

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EDH Political Science — Saskia and the Olive Branch

Have you ever been stabbed in the back? No, I haven’t had someone put a knife in my spine either, but having a friend betray you at the last moment is devastating. Nation-states try to prevent this sort of betrayal by creating treaties. They do act similarly to the ones you crafted when you realized […]

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EDH Political Science — Edric, the Spy Who Loved Me

Government agencies are still not beyond the use of covert espionage. There was a recent New York Times report that uncovered details of more than a dozen United States spies working in China who died or were captured between 2010 and 2012. It wasn’t that long ago when the US was in trouble with a […]

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EDH Political Science — Propaganda

Everyday we are bombarded with advertisements about one brand of soap or car insurance being the best offer on the market. We hear encouraging things from politicians about their policies. We work at places that tell us why “Jen” got a big gold star for being employee of the month. When we sit down at […]

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EDH Political Science — Battle Hymn of the Republic

Voting Matters A vote is a powerful thing. It doesn’t matter the number of people voting. What matters is representation. The idea that your voice in concert with your fellow citizens creates change shape the modern world. By your vote or by a representative, history shows the idea of having representation and choice is powerful […]

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EDH Political Science — “You Say You Want a Revolution”

Power to the Polis I watched the best player at the table crumble. Yes, I did want to stomp his face in for taking me out first in the prior week’s commander pod, but it was much more than that. He was the clear enemy to me and the people to my left and right. […]

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EDH Political Science — Atraxa in a Pantsuit

In politics, everything is a weapon to be used against you. Each picture unravels your personality, each statement twisted to abomination, and each decision you make could be your last. In Magic: The Gathering, each card you draw brings you closer to the bottom, each attacking creature leaves you vulnerable, and each spell could be […]

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EDH Political Science — Doomsday, Deterrence, and Dr. Strangelove

Commander is magic’s dark alleyway. It can be filled with the dangerous and unexpected or it is the long boring way to get to the same place. There is no reason to let your games become boring. You can always be unexpected and dangerous. In a game of no-holds-barred, multifaceted politics, be the maniacal dictator. […]

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