Commander VS S8E4 — Hazoret vs The Scorpion God vs Oketra vs Rhonas

Four Gods of Amonkhet. One epic battle. Who’ll reign supreme: Parnell, Noell, Suarez, or Green? Decklists:… Subscribe to us for more Magic content:… Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow the SCGTour on Twitter: The official Youtube Channel of, the world’s largest Magic: The Gathering retailer! Your source for Commander VS Series […]

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Burning Inquiry — Rhonas Cash Me Ousside

We live in a violent world. Who really knows why our culture is one that glorifies brutality for sport, ferocity for profit, and might imposed on the weak as strength? Perhaps we’re too eager to celebrate our athletes without considering the physical toll they pay for our entertainment? Or maybe it has to do with the fact […]

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