Uncompetitive Spirit — 2HG EDH, OMG!

One of my favorite stories to come out of competitive Magic of all time is the success of Chris Lachmann and Jacob Van Lunen at Pro Tour San Diego in 2007. The format was Two-Headed Giant Time Spiral Booster draft and the two had come up with a very specific plan: force slivers. Apparently, most of the […]

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Jumbo Commander — Tasigur the Golden Fang : Sultai Lands Commander

I first revealed this deck in the video where I toured my personal collection of decks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0Rs_…). This deck got a lot of attention. I also noticed all of the awesome cards from Hour of Devastation that fit so well. This seemed like a good time to give you my take on Tasigur. TappedOut: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/sultai… […]

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EDH Political Science — Tasigur, Steel-Driving Man

The steam engine broke society. It brought the world into the modern era. Industrialization, creating every modern amenity, would not have been possible without it. After the initial design by James Watt there were countless improvements, but there have been no developments with as large of an impact on the world since. When the previews […]

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