Core Set 2019 Review – Green

Green With Envy Hello everyone and welcome to EDHREC’s review for the newest Magic set, Core Set 2019! You might think that barely any time at all has passed since our Battlebond set review (and you would be correct), but the exciting part about it is that we have more new Magic cards to talk about! […]

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CMDR Central E45 – Rolling the Dice at GP Vegas 2018

This week Chris sits down with Max and Dana to discuss Grand Prix Vegas 2018. What was the event space like, how’d the Commander Championship go but most importantly who was victorious in Atraxa Bowl? Support us on Patreon: Subscribe on Youtube: Subscribe on iTunes: Follow us on Twitter: Feel free […]

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MTG Muddstah – Dralnu vs Adun vs Titania vs Gonti

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For the Love of Commander Podcast E3 – Commander 2018 Predictions

Welcome to another “For the Love of Commander” podcast, featuring Martin and Alex. This podcast focuses on our speculations for the newest EDH set – Commander 2018! We discuss what we think these decks will include, as well as potential new mechanics and rues changes. Feel free to leave a comment below, and subscribe if […]

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Core Set 2019 Review — Blue

A Very Blue Review That’s right my friends and foes, you read this correctly. Someway, somehow, the powers that be not only give me a black set review a while back, but they thought it was so compelling that they let me do a Commander set review for blue cards too! Me, the guy who […]

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Core Set 2019 Review — Red

Where Are My Dragons? Welcome to the EDHREC Red Set Review for Core Set 2019. We have some exciting new fire-breathers to look over, so let’s get right to it. Sarkhan Three mana for a planeswalker is a good start. It will take a while to get to the ultimate, but neither +1 ability is bad, […]

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EDH Player Psychographics – Mackenzies and the Big Bucks

Mackenzie Welcome back to another edition of EDH Player Psychographics! Today, let’s talk about Mackenzies. To be a Mackenzie, one need not wear a bone helmet, grow a beard, or hang out near Stonehenge (though I suppose you can if you’d like). In terms of EDH Player Psychographics, Mackenzies are those who enjoy playing expensive cards. […]

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Dictate of Don — Improving our Chances for Zndrsplt/Okaun One-Hit Kills

When I first saw Okaun I knew there would be some weirdness in being able to move in for the kill with him, in particular with splashy one-hit kills. This isn’t normal for Magic as chance doesn’t usually determine life or death, so knowing the odds can really help influence our deck building decisions and […]

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EDHRECast E12 — Ultra Budget Brews ft Andrew Cummings

Matt and Joey are joined by budget brew builder Andrew Cummings to talk about building strong and effective decks at a modest price.

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Commanderin’ E137 — M19 Preview Card: Suncleanser

Folks, check this li’l card out! It’s a real doozy, doing something no other card we recall doing – take a listen or watch and hear all about the Suncleanser! Wizards gave us this card to share with you, our listeners, and the wider world. 🙂 We would be incredibly grateful to all our visitors […]

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