The Commander’s Quarters – The State of Budget Commander & The Future of The Commander’s Quarters | EDH | Magic the Gathering

Command your budget! The Commander’s Quarters is your source for everything budget Commander! Today Mitch talks about the current state of budget commander, and you get to help determine the future of The Commander’s Quarters! ———- Please make sure you watch this episode first before taking the survey! I want to make sure that you […]

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Commander Cookout Ep 130 – Into the Wild

Hello and welcome to another very special episode of Commander Cookout Podcast! This week on CCOPodcast, the boys go deep on what to expect and how to carry one’s self when you go out to your first FNM or big event. If you’d like to give us your thoughts, you can do so on Twitter […]

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The GMGC – 3 Player EDH gameplay Saheeli the Gifted vs The Scarab God vs Reyhan and Ravos

Watch this hot trash of a game. 1 battle tested deck vs a newer players only deck vs the first time me playing my new deck. Ravioli and Reyhan Saheeli

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The Toolbox – Trading Post

If you don’t have the right tool for the job, Trading Post will find it for you.

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The Trinisphere – Oathbreaker – Ashiok vs Wrenn & Six vs Garruk vs Nissa | Trinisphere Plays | MTG

Check out this Oathbreaker gameplay between Timmy, Johnny and Spike! Oathbreaker is a fun fast take on EDH where players run Planeswalkers as their commanders, get an additional “Signature Spell” in there command zone – that can only be cast when their commander is in play, and have 60 card decks and 20 starting life. […]

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Jolt539 – Jolt – Commander – Atemsis, All-Seeing vs Narset/Muzzio

Decklist: MTGOTraders // Be sure to check out MTGOTraders for all of your digital MTG needs! And! Cape Fear Games for any paper MTG needs! They’re the number one supporter of this channel! // Use coupon code “JOLT” to get 10% off your order and help the channel out! Custom playmats! Want […]

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Affinity for Commander – EDH Gameplay – Episode 33: Sisay VS Narset VS Tymna & Ravos VS Thrasios & Reyhan

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MagicalHacker – THE BLOODHALL S15E3 | Geth vs Thantis vs Sisay Weatherlight Captain vs Derevi

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Today, we are playing Geth Lord of the Vault, and he has decided to dump his big meaty claws into our opponents’ garbage dumps to find something tasty to recycle! Don’t worry, he helps make sure that they don’t run out of recyclables either though. Will he be able to turn […]

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MTG Muddstah – Maelstrom Wanderer vs Tatyova vs Licia vs Korlash EDH / CMDR game for Magic: The Gathering

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The Nitpicking Nerds – Kambal, Consul of Allocation | Commander Tune-Ups #24

On this episode of Commander Tune-Ups we take a Kambal, Consul of Allication deck list and make it into a fine tuned life gaining machine. Jeff’s Original Deck: Our New Deck: Consider Supporting us via Patreon! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Nerds Music: “Digital Lemonade”, “Electrodoodle” Kevin […]

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