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Historically Speaking — Emperors, Stones, and Suns

There are certain types of people who simply seem to be followed in the course of their lives by a symphonic heavy metal soundtrack. The Mexica king, Axayacatl, is a prime example of such people. Even factoring in the Mexica empire’s substantial love of theatre, violence, and theatrical violence, his personal comportment stands out. Axayactl […]

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Historically Speaking — Five Suns, Five Elder Dinosaurs!

Lets talk about cycles. Not those cycles, godsdamnit! Not cycling! No, the cycles to which I here refer are a staple of Nahua and Tenocha-Mexica cosmology—and they refer to the nature of reality and the world. This is surprisingly relevant as of Rivals of Ixalan and the unleashing of the five Elder Dinosaurs near Orazca. […]

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Historically Speaking — A Tale of Two Cities: Orazca and Teotihuacan

The golden city of Orazca—newly home to a massive free-for-all, a deadly and enigmatic artifact and of course, the rising of a bloody sun. Orazca seems to take inspiration from several legendary/mythical cities (such as the mythical El Dorado, the city of gold), but the one that seems most obvious is the city of Teotihuacan […]

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