The Toolbox – River’s Rebuke

Cyclonic Rift is bonkers… but there’s another mass blue bounce spell you should play, too.

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The Toolbox – Tombstone Stairwell & Dreadhorde Butcher

Underplayed Zombie cards rise from the toolbox to demand that they see more play.

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The Toolbox – The Opulence of Telepathy

The Toolbox – A Bitter Ordeal for Your Opponents

It’s time to make your opponents suffer a bitter ordeal… with Bitter Ordeal!

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The Toolbox – Spellweaving Insanity

This underrated little Aura has a lot more potential than people think!

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The Toolbox – Triumph of the Praetors

( | Art by Joseph Meehan) The End of the Saga of Sagas Welcome back to The Toolbox! Here we take a look at underplayed cards and evaluate where they ought to see more play. Yes, I do say ‘we’ because I want to hear what you all think as well; I am not always right. […]

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The Toolbox – Fall to the Flame

The Toolbox – Reborn with the New Year

A Saga of Sagas Hello everybody and welcome to the New Year! For those new to the series, this is The Toolbox! Here we take a look at underplayed cards and evaluate where they should be played. Yes, I do say ‘we’ because I want to hear what you guys think as well; I am not always […]

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The Toolbox – I Don’t Always Commit Treason…

…But When I Do, It’s With This Ogre Hello everybody, and welcome back to The Toolbox! If you’re new to the series, our goal is to take a look at underplayed cards and find their best homes! In the past, we’ve looked at an instant and a couple artifacts but today we’re going to look […]

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The Toolbox – We Shall Vanquish Our Enemies! …With a Banner?

Hey, What’s this Weird Tool? Hello everybody and welcome to The Toolbox! I hope that you are all having a wonderful day and am excited to introduce you to the great Vanquisher’s Banner. In this series, we talk about unique and underplayed cards to add them to your toolbox of commander cards. If you have […]

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