Mechanically Minded – Devotion

Sweetest Devotion Hello and welcome to the very first edition of Mechanically Minded, the column where we build decks around some of the coolest keyword mechanics in Magic’s history. For the inaugural edition of this column, let’s explore Banding! Kidding, kidding. For the actual first mechanic, we’ll cover Devotion. You’ll remember this mechanic most recently from Theros, though […]

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EDH Player Psychographics – Negotiating with Goblin Diplomats

Negotiation is for those who don’t attack enough. At least that’s what Goblin Diplomats think. Today is the sixth (and final?) edition of our EDH Player Psychographic series. We’ve covered Herm/Hermettes, Turtles, Mackenzies, Barktooths, and Puppet Masters. To round things out, we’ll take a look at perhaps the most extreme psychographic there is: the Goblin Diplomat, […]

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The 600 – Predicting the Popularity of Guilds of Ravnica Commanders

Like Deja Vu All Over Again Love baseless speculation? Keep reading, pal. It’s about to get super baseless up in here. Today, I’ll predict the popularity of every new commander from Guilds of Ravnica. (Before reading further, don’t forget my 600 article for Commander 2018. Extremely baseless). This plane has given us popular commanders in the past including […]

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EDH Player Psychographics – Turtle Time

Turtle Power Every playgroup has one. I’m talking about the player who never attacks. I’m talking about the player who plays Ghostly Prison and Propaganda in every white and/or blue deck. (If not for the color restriction, they’d play them in green, black, and red decks, too.) Every playgroup has one. I’m talking about Turtles. Turtles are […]

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The 600 – Predicting the Popularity of C18 Commanders

Making a Prophecy I love prophecy. I’m not sure why. I love the prophets and prophetesses of Greek myth. I love when authors foreshadow future events in books. I even love pro football preseason picks (though how accurate are they, really?). All in all, predicting the future is pretty cool. With this series, I’m going […]

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EDH Psychographics – Master of Puppets

Marionettes On a String Manipulation. Deceit. Coercion. Bribery. If these words appeal to you, you might be a Puppet Master. Or maybe a criminal. Or both? In any case, politics are an essential part of every game of EDH. Whenever we play, we make deals, threats, and treaties. But that’s just scratching the surface. Being […]

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EDH Player Psychographics – Barktooths and the Allure of the Unusual

Barktooth Warbeard Barktooth Warbeard is a card you’ve probably never heard of, which is exactly why he’s the namesake of our next EDH player psychographic. A Barktooth is an EDH player who loves playing unusual, underused, and under-appreciated cards. For Barktooths, the fun of the format isn’t necessarily derived from playing the optimal card all the […]

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EDH Player Psychographics – Mackenzies and the Big Bucks

Mackenzie Welcome back to another edition of EDH Player Psychographics! Today, let’s talk about Mackenzies. To be a Mackenzie, one need not wear a bone helmet, grow a beard, or hang out near Stonehenge (though I suppose you can if you’d like). In terms of EDH Player Psychographics, Mackenzies are those who enjoy playing expensive cards. […]

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EDH Player Psychographics — Winning Like a Herm

Some play EDH for fun. Some play to socialize. Some play to make friends, or cast cards they can’t cast in other formats. And then there are those who play for one reason and one reason only. (In the following video, please substitute the word “sports” with “Elder Dragon Highlander.”) If you’re a Herm or […]

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An Introduction to EDH Player Psychographics

Have you ever taken one of those Facebook personality tests? It’s okay to admit it. One can only resist the “Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?” quiz for so long. (I got Ned Stark, so I hope I’m not beheaded before I finish this article.) Since I’m a longtime EDH player, I wondered how […]

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