Commanders Brew – Battle of the Brews #18 | Estrid | Chainer | Medomai | Lyzolda | Commander Gameplay

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Find the decklists for this game here:

Andy’s Hap-Pod-Ly Ever After : TBA
Sean’s Chainer from the Grave :
Alastair’s Medomai Extra Turns Tribal :
Mike’s Lyzolda Sac Machine :

Andy sets his goals high to win with Happily Ever after, and honestly? He has a chance! Sean’s Chainer will be trying to recur that graveyard value as long as nobody messes with that zone of play. Mike’s Lyzolda is doing something similar but on a slightly different angle. Meanwhile, Alastair’s Medomai hopes to win the game by taking all of the turns. Who’s strategy will come out on top?

0:35 Deck Techs
2:45 The Battle!
1:04:25 Wrap-up

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Andy: @andyhullbone
Sean: @seantabares
Mike: @mikecarrozza
Alastair: @HaHaForbes

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