EDHRECast E6 — The Hottest Trends in EDH!

Main Topic: Observing Trends

Four main categories we’ll be looking at today:

  1. Average Card Type distribution over time
  2. Average Number of Colors over time
  3. Average Number of Legendary Creatures over time
  4. Average Converted Mana Cost over time



(I’ve input images below but also shared a separate folder with larger versions, plus an excel sheet Don gave me with more specific numbers)



  • Note the relative stability from 2014 – 2018
  • Specific numbers: 25 creatures; 9 instants; 9 sorceries; 9 enchantments; 13 artifacts; 3 planeswalkers
  • Note the relative stability
  • Added up, this means folks run an avg of like 32 lands–thoughts on that ratio


Our metas: Is there a card type you’ve been playing more of lately? Less of?

  • Current percentages:
  • 1% colorless
  • 20% Single-Color
  • 35% Two-Color
  • 31% Three-Color
  • 6% Four-Color
  • 7% Five-Color
  • Note the spike in Nov 2016. At that time: 24% Four-Color; 26% Three-Color (down from 32% the previous month); 30% Two-Color (Down from 38% previous month)
  • Four-Color ate into 2- and 3-Color’s space, but not 5-Color
  • Note that 4-Color has tapered off a lot since the spike
  • July 2017: Hour of Devastation release, mono color decks nearly double. 18% to 30%


Our metas: have you noticed more colors? less?


Take a break from the graphs for

Head to Head

Rakdos Charm vs Izzet Charm

Blue Sun’s Zenith vs Stroke of Genius

Evolving Wilds vs Temple of the False God


  • Marginal increase from 3.5 to 4.5
  • No sudden increase after Dominaria
    • How long until count rises from Dominaria?


Average CMC Over Time

  • Don’t be fooled by the dramatic curve, this scale is measuring by .5
  • Gradual dip from ~3.75 to ~3.5
  • Do we expect this trend to continue, or reverse? Where should/would it taper off?

Our metas: How has the average CMC changed in your deckbuilding? Format speed?

Metrics we couldn’t measure this time (so these are just our biased metas)

  • Number of spot removal spells?
  • Basic Land counts?
  • Price of decks?

Challenge the Stats

  • Joey’s pick: Twilight’s Call
  • Matt’s pick: Blighted Woodland
  • Dana’s pick: Dust Bowl



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