EDHRECast Ep52 – Signature Spellbook: Us!

You’ve seen Signature Spellbook – Jace, but now it’s time for Signature Spellbook – Dana, Joey, and Matt, and to discuss which cards best characterize their perspectives on the game, their methods of card evaluation, and their personal journeys through Magic. Which cards are the most personal, important, or unique to you? Join along and put together your own Signature Spellbook!

Signature Spellbook – Dana

Honorable Mentions: Decree of Pain, Mystic Remora

Signature Spellbook – Joey

Honorable Mentions: Crucible of Worlds, Cytoshape, Patron of the Vein

Signature Spellbook – Matt

Honorable Mentions: Leovold, Emissary of TrestAlurenStoneforge Mystic

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