Lab Maniacs – cEDH Month in Review #5 – Aug – Sept 2019 Feat. Maynard

Cameron and Dan are joined by cEDH subreddit mentor and PlayEDH Moderator MaynardFerguson as we look back at August and the first half of September in the cEDH Community. On top of interesting games and new decks, M20’s impact on cEDH, the Ban List updates, and community questions are discussed.
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Topics of discussion this month:
Magic Fest Vegas – It was a blast!

How has M20 affected your meta?
How have the ban list changes affected your meta?
Breya Worldgorger and how you can use one/two card wincons (Also Consultation Jace)
Spleenface’s Wincons article:
MTG Nexus Format Survey results:
Brawl decks massively underprinted:
Collectors Booster Packs and Collectors Pack for Eldraine: Oof.
Throne of Eldrain’s Flavor and Hot Takes!
Command Fest! Its own thing and pretty awesome at it too!

The Audience Topics:
How to prep for flash, consultation, and other compact enablers?
When is playing Stax a good idea?
Favorite Non-cEDH Commander? What cards would have to be printed (or removed from the format) to make them cEDH viable?

Mulligan of the day:
Maynard’s Yidris deck:

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