Lab Maniacs – cEDH Month in Review #7 – November 2019 Feat. Kai

Cameron and Dan are joined by Kai as we look back at November for the cEDH Community.
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Topics of discussion this month:

Dealing with Protean Hulk –

Podding into Leveler?!?! –

B&R Changes & Play Design’s Philosophy with Magic’s power level

Dockside Extortionist continues to impress and we get more and more mathematics behind how we can combo with it –

Commander in 2020 – Lots of crazy stuff coming.

Cobblepott’s New Lessons from the Fringe:

Audience Questions
-Are top tier decks truly the only one’s considered competitive?
-Usage of “secret tech” in a list vs the optimized list? What are some cards that are good in decks but depend on the meta? And what do you cut to fit those cards in?
-If Tymna were to be banned do you think Thrasios would still see as much play in the command zone and vice versa, who’s the bigger “problem”?

Mulligan of the day:
Deck –

Lastly, we closed out with Kai talking about Pokemon, Dan talking about craziness in Subnautica and Cameron talking about The All Guardsmen Party. or find it on kindle here:

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