Lab Maniacs – S3 Episode 2: Breya Consult vs Shuffle Hulk vs Divergent Control vs Niv-Mizzet Parun cEDH Gameplay

This was filmed a bit ago, so decklists have changed a little since filming, and mulligans had not shifted to London yet.
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The Labmaniacs are back with another gameplay episode of Competitive EDH Gameplay.

Luke, Cameron, Dan and Sigi are in a free for all. Who will pull out the win today?

0:40 – Deck introductions and opening hands.
8:23 – Start of the game.
41:58 – Close out by the winner.

Dan’s Breya Consult deck:
Luke’s Shuffle Hulk deck:
Sigi’s Divergent Control deck:
Cameron’s Niv-Mizzet Parun deck:

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