Legendary Creature Podcast – 8.5 Tails v. Nikya v. Tuvasa v. Sedris | Commander Gameplay

It’s been two years! We’re celebrating two years of the Legendary Creature Podcast. Join us as we celebrate with a game of commander. Kyle and Andy bring Nikya and Eight-and-a-Half-Tails to the table to square off with Brad’s Sedris deck and Tiffany’s Tuvasa.

Check out Kyle’s Nikya deck here:

And listen to the podcast about Gruul and Nikya here:

Check out Andy’s 8.5 Tails deck here:

Also listen to our podcast about mono-white and Andy’s 8.5 Tails deck:

We’ll try to get Tiffany and Brad’s decks up, but don’t have it at the moment.

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The background music this episode is by the supremely gifted and gracious artist, Home. Check out all their dope beats and support the music:

Big shout out to Mikey Patch for logo artwork! Check his stuff out: http://irontree.deviantart.com/

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