Praetor Magic – MagicOnline Commander League! S2E2 – Anything Goes!

**GIVEAWAY INFORMATION** Thank you all SO MUCH for your help getting to 150 and beyond in Subscribers! By the time this video publishes, we will have already started our SECOND GIVEAWAY! This time we are giving away 8 Commander Versus playmats, courtesy of our friends at! The first two will be selected since we’ve […]

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Commander VS S10E7 — Inalla vs Arahbo vs Edgar vs The Ur-Dragon

What happens when we hand the players Commander 2017 preconstructed decks and $200 before telling them to crush their foes on VS? The answer is a click away! Decklist:… Subscribe to us for more Magic content:… Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow the SCGTour on Twitter: The […]

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Dijital Llama – COMMANDER | Arahbo Roar of the World – Feline Ferocity Upgrades | DECK TECH | MtG

It’s Commander deck tech time, and a look at my upgraded Feline Ferocity deck! The changes haven’t been too big, and Arahbo, Roar of the World is still the commander. I’ve gone big with the cat tribal and minimised some of the equipment side slightly. If you love plays cats in MtG then this is […]

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Commander Time E14 — Arahbo & Kess

We talk about more brews for new legends and their fiddly rules. Patrick’s Arahbo Roar of the World. Dean’s Kess Dissident Mage. Charlie Goomba: @commandtime @grubfellow @misterplorg @detectiveyarmas

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Game Knights E9 — Commander 2017! Ur-Dragon, Edgar Markov, Arahbo, and Inalla

Get your hands on the new Commander 2017 product and help support the show by using our affiliate link: ———- It’s Cats vs Dragons vs Vampires vs Wizards in the latest episode of Game Knights featuring the brand new Commander 2017 pre-con decks! Mel Li is back, alongside newly-knighted former Magic game designer Shawn Main, […]

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EDHREC Spoiler Coverage — Crazy for Kitties!

Welcome to spoiler week! It’s like the nerdy version of Spring Break only we get like, six of them a year instead of just one. Plus there’s way less shameful decisions made during spoiler week. Usually. Here at EDHREC we’re going to break down the spoilers every day and give you a quick rundown of […]

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