Theros Beyond Death Set Review – Red

Underground Sea – Underground Sea – EDH – Atla Palani, Nest Tender

Primer EDH su Atla Palani, Nest Tender, con breve spiegazione di alcune delle carte chiave che compongono il mazzo. Lista di esempio: Atla Palani EDH – High Power by Caylem01 Underground Sea Sondaggio: Merchandising: Ci vuoi offrire un Caffé? Email: Musica: Bush Week by Nihilore Long way to go […]

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Affinity for Commander – EDH Gameplay – Episode 43: Atla VS Yarok VS Sai VS Oloro

◊ Support us on Patreon! ◊ Check out our merch store! ◊ Follow us on Twitter! ◊ Take a look at the deck lists! Atla – Failed to find… Yarok – Failed to find… Sai – Failed to find… Oloro – Failed to find… ◊ Affinity for Commander is unofficial Fan Content […]

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Playing With Power – Anje vs Atla vs Elsha vs Volrath – Commander 2019 Showdown – Competitive EDH

Decklists Anje: Atla: Elsha: Volrath: Most Valuable Card: Anje Falkenrath Primer: Get 10% off Orders $10 or more at Flipside Gaming Enter Promo Code “POWER” (all caps) Get Access to our Discord, extra videos and more from Patreon! Follow Us on Social Media Twitter: Facebook: […]

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Praetor Magic – Commander Online, Season 3, Episode 1 – Kethis vs. Titania vs. Zurgo vs. Atla Palani!

Shout-out to our new sponsor,! Use this link: and our 10% off coupon code “PRAETOR10” to buy all your custom playmats, dice bags, mousepads and more! **GIVEAWAY INFORMATION** How to enter our giveaway and possibly win a free CMDR VS Playmat: 1) Subscribe to the channel 2) Find a video you like 3) […]

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Replacement Commanders – Crackin’ Eggs, Hatching Monsters!

Jolt539 – Jolt – Commander – Atla Palani, Nest Tender vs The First Sliver

Decklist: MTGOTraders // Be sure to check out MTGOTraders for all of your digital MTG needs! And! Cape Fear Games for any paper MTG needs! They’re the number one supporter of this channel! // Use coupon code “JOLT” to get 10% off your order and help the channel out! Custom playmats! Want […]

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Commanders Brew – E208 – Atla Palani: Pure Eggs! | Commander’s Brew | Magic the Gathering

She is the eggmon! This week Sean brews us up a wild deck with changeling eggs galore. They say you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, well this week, we break about 20 of them! Check out the podcast audio version: We now have a Patreon page! Go to if […]

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The Commander’s Quarters – Atla Palani, Nest Tender | C19 Spoiler | EDH | Budget | Egg Tribe Combo | MTG | Commander Quick Take

Command your budget! The Commander’s Quarters is your source for everything budget Commander! Today we do a Commander Quick Take on the recently spoiled Atla Palani, Nest Tender from C19. For Atla Palani we go through an initial direction and potential cards to include! ———- Support us directly, get rewards, and join The Commander’s Quarter’s […]

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Commander 2019 Set Review – Primal Genesis