Lab Maniacs – S3 Uncut: Food Chain Tazri vs 4 Color Rashmi vs Inalla Wizards vs E MAN cEDH Gameplay

Another gameplay episode of the LabManiacs with a twist. We had a really long game and we knew we were unable to actually edit this one down, due to time constraints. However the viewing experience was a blast, so we are trying this out. Let us know how you feel about this video. Luke, Cameron, […]

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EDHRECast Ep58 – Interview with a LabManiac ft. Cameron Bachand

Cameron from the LabManiacs has stopped by to give our hapless hosts a brief intro the world of competitive EDH, including how cEDH players use EDHREC! Plenty of the strategical tips involved in cEDH are good lessons for normal EDH as well, so tune in to find out just how maniacal our guest really is! […]

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Lab Maniacs – S3 Episode 1: Gitrog Combo vs Tasigur Control vs Chain Veil Teferi vs Shimmer Zur cEDH Gameplay

The Labmaniacs are back with another gameplay episode for the start of the third season of Competitive EDH Gameplay. Luke, Cameron, Dan and Sigi are in a free for all. Who will pull out the win today? 0:40 – Deck introductions and opening hands. 8:56 – Start of the game. Luke’s Gitrog Deck: Cameron’s […]

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