Commanderin’ E137 — M19 Preview Card: Suncleanser

Folks, check this li’l card out! It’s a real doozy, doing something no other card we recall doing – take a listen or watch and hear all about the Suncleanser! Wizards gave us this card to share with you, our listeners, and the wider world. 🙂 We would be incredibly grateful to all our visitors […]

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Commanderin’ E133 — Battlebond Preview Card: Play of the Game

We are privileged to bring you our #MTGBattle Battlebond preview card, Play of the Game! We are joined by Gavin Verhey, too, who was the lead designer on Battlebond! Read Gavin’s article here:… Get the hi-res version from our video:… Patron Contest Inspiration:… Support the show! or See our episodes […]

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Commanderin’ E129 — Bonus Song: Grunn, the Lonely King

Special thanks to Eldridge Calm (Instagram – @staycalmgameon) for lending his voice box and writing skills to the Commanderin’ Dominaria preview card! Support the show! See our episodes on YouTube:… We’re on iTunes! Submit your decks to be reviewed here:… Our deck lists are on Our web site is: […]

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The Command Zone E201 – What is the State of the Commander Format

Support the show and become a Patron! Be a part of our community, receive awesome rewards, and more: ———- Show Notes: Esteemed guests Andy Hull from Commander’s Brew and Phil DeLuca from Commanderin’ return for our annual round table discussion and debate regarding the current state of the format and looking into the future. […]

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Commanderin’ E126 — M25 Preview Card

Commanderin’ has a preview card for the amazing Masters 25 set! Join us as we unveil… Prossh, Skyraider of Kher! See THIS VIDEO on our Patreon page – Support the show! See our episodes on YouTube:… We’re on iTunes! Submit your decks to be reviewed here:… Our deck lists are on […]

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Commanderin’ E121 — Rivals of Ixalan Preview Card: Etali, Primal Storm

Phil, Sean, & Shivam talk about our Rivals of Ixalan (#MTGRIX) preview card – Etali, Primal Storm! Sean put together a MEAN deck to help you get started!… Special thanks to all the folks on Twitter who helped reveal this to the world: @ChrisRD19 (color) @jasnyder_93 (mana cost) @BeefyGhost (type) @GarrubMTG (rarity) @jay13x (name) […]

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Commanders’ Brew E124 — Full Unmanderin’s Brew Part 1 & 2

This week we recorded a 2 part podcast with our good friends over at Commanderin’ ( They have part 1 and we got part 2 but if you’re here watching this you get BOTH parts in ONE! Is Unstable viable in Commander? If so how many cards and what mechanics? We explore it all in […]

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Commanderin’ E113 — Malfegor

Daniel Haas comes Commanderin’ to talk about his Malfegor, a truly mind-breaking deck. Daniel is a friend of Phil’s in his work meta, and also the league’s pilot of the Vampires #MTGC17 deck. Find the deck on our DeckStats page:… (remember – you need to add lands) You can reach Daniel at: Support […]

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Commanderin’ MTG — E096 – Security We recorded a special show with Ben Fogarty, one of our patrons, about keeping your stuff and self secure while at a public event like a Grand Prix. Ben’s mono-green burn Omnath deck list is here: The Las Vegas police department phone number at the Convention Center is: (702) 828-6430 Archenemy product link: […]

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Commanderin’ MTG — E084: Modern Masters 2017 Preview Card

Thanks to you, we have a Modern Masters 2017 Preview card! It’s one we have a special relationship with, it being among the first cards we discussed on the show! Listen now! Here’s the episode: Catch this episode on YouTube: Here’s the bonus music video “Lovin’ a Navigator” by Nate Burgess: See […]

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