EDHRECast E14 – Brewing the Blade-Blossom

This week, Joey, Matt, and Dana put their heads together to brew a Najeela, the Blade-Blossom deck! We explain different tips and tricks we use on EDHREC to find new cards and make the final cuts when building a new Commander deck. Check out our finalized decklist here: https://www.mtgvault.com/waki4/decks/…

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EDHRECast E12 — Ultra Budget Brews ft Andrew Cummings

Matt and Joey are joined by budget brew builder Andrew Cummings to talk about building strong and effective decks at a modest price.

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EDHRECast E11 — Solving “The Boros Problem”

Joey, Matt, and Dana form a Battalion for the Boros Legion to discuss ways to make Red-White viable in Commander. What does Wizards need to do to “fix” Boros? More importantly, what do players need to do to fix Boros?

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EDHRECast E7 — Diggin’ Through Time with Dean Gootee

This week Joey, Matt and Dana get together with EDHREC writer Dean Gootee to dig through time and take a look at some older cards that are still relevant today. If you want to check out more of the content Dean mentions on the cast, use the links below! Dean’s Articles: http://articles.edhrec.com/author/dean-gootee/ Dean’s Stream: https://m.twitch.tv/questhouse  

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EDHRECast E6 — The Hottest Trends in EDH!

Main Topic: Observing Trends Four main categories we’ll be looking at today: Average Card Type distribution over time Average Number of Colors over time Average Number of Legendary Creatures over time Average Converted Mana Cost over time https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/card-set-archive   (I’ve input images below but also shared a separate folder with larger versions, plus an excel […]

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EDHRECast E3 — Determining Dominaria Dominance

Joey, Matt and Dana delve deep into Dominaria to determine data for destined Dominarian domination.

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EDHRECast E2 — Top Commanders of all time

For episode 2 EDHREC writers Joey, Dana and Matt talk about the statistically most popular commanders on the website and try to piece together what makes them click with brewers.

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