EDHRECast Ep42 – Ravnica Allegiance Review

This week your three internet crushes, Joey, Matt, and Dana, take time to talk some Ravnica Allegiance. What are the standouts? What cards are most likely to become the most popular? Is Smothering Tithe that good? Can Matt keep telling dad jokes? Tune in and find out! PS – Check out last week’s episode for […]

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EDHRECast Ep40 – Brutal Honesty

This week on the EDHRECast the prettiest people in podcasting get honest and ring in the new year by taking a hard look in the mirror and at the game they love. Truths are told, axes are ground, and realities addressed. Plus, we have cake! Check out our personal decks here! Meet the EDHREC crew!

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EDHRECast Ep37 – Accounting +1/+1 Counters 101

This week on the REC (don’t call it that) Joey, Matt and Dana talk +1/+1 counters in EDH and take a look at the theme on EDHREC and examine some of its most popular cards and commanders.

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EDHRECast Ep36 – EDHREtiquette with Henry Stukenborg

Joey, Dana, and Matt sit down and have a chat with former EDHREC editor and all around ubiquitous EDH man-about-town, Henry Stukenborg. They talk Henry’s rules of EDH etiquette, challenge some stats, and just generally talk commander with one of the community’s most active participants.

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EDHRECast Ep35 – Ultimate Stat-sters

Still sleepy from their Thromoksgiving dinner, Joey, Dana, and Matt shake off their food coma with a look at the pulse-quickening Ultimate Masters set and delve into some of the numbers behind the cards. Check out the data we discussed on the episode below!

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EDHRECast Ep34 – Happy Thromoksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! While Joey, Dana, and Matt all gorge on holiday food, we hope you enjoy a deck tech for a commander who’s just as hungry as they are: Thromok, the Insatiable! Joey brings the main course for Thromok’s strategy, Dana brings the veggies and other necessary essentials, and Matt supplies the dessert with a […]

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EDHRECast Ep33 – Big Money EDH Energy

This week on the EDHRECast, Joey, Matt, and Dana dig into the stats behind the most popular, most expensive cards in the Commander format! What are the priciest cards in the format, and how often do they show up in decks? Which commanders helm the most expensive 99? Join us as we take a deep […]

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EDHRECast Ep32 – EDHREC’ing Deck Tech-ing

This week on the cast, we tackled two listener-submitted decks and gave them the EDHREC treatment! Using EDHREC’s Recs feature, we plugged these decks into the database to see what specific cards the website suggests, and to see what specific cards could be cut! It’s a crazy useful tool. Special thanks to the listeners who submitted […]

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EDHRECast Ep31 – Adventures in Narcissism

This week on the EDHRECast Joey, Matt and Dana talk about their own article series on EDHREC and what those series may say about them as players and brewers.   Check out Joey’s Commander Showdown series, where he pits two similar-ish commanders against each other to pick apart differences in strategy and deck construction. Check […]

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EDHRECast Ep30 – Group Hug Co-Host Slug

It’s a group hug debate! This week, the EDHRECast shakes things up and lets Matt Morgan take control of the mic and run the show so Joey and Dana can duke it out about group hug in EDH. Check out Joey’s Kynaios and Tiro group hug deck here! Follow along with the data on EDHREC’s […]

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