Commander Central – 133 – Decks You Play: Estrid the Masked

Dana and Max are back talking about Patron supporter Jeff’s Estrid the Masked deck. See how they take this Bant Super Friends list to the late game by providing some solid token and draw support! Jeff’s Deck: TeeSpring Link for CMDR Central Apparel: Support us on Patreon: Support us by using promo […]

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The 600 – A Review of C18 Predictions

Did Kyle correctly predict which C18 commanders would be the most popular?

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Commander VS – Commander VS S16E6: Akiri VS Estrid VS Izoni VS Uril [EDH]

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Commander Central – 126 – Decks You Play Estrid the Masked

Dana and Max are back for another Decks You Play! This week they cover patreon supporter Michael Phipps Estrid the Masked Enchantments matter EDH Deck. Can they take this deck to the next level by helping him control the game via enchantments? What will the wincon be? Tune in and find out. Michael’s Deck: […]

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Commanders Brew – Battle of the Brews | Saheeli | Alesha | Estrid | Daretti | Commander Gameplay

Want early access to the episode? Become a patron at, plus other perks too! Sean aims to ramp out some Izzet Superfriends led by Saheeli while Andy’s Daretti deck scraps plenty of artifacts for maximum value. Mike helms an Estrid deck with some very potent enchantments, if we let him get running. Rob, running […]

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Weirdcards CC – Estrid, the Masked | Oathbreaker Deck Tech

Welcome back to another Oathbreaker Deck Tech! If you’re excited about Oathbreaker and want consistent content make sure to hit the like and subscribe buttons! MtgGoldfish Deck List: To learn more about the Oathbreaker format: Want Oathbreaker swag? Make sure to check out the T-shirts at the link below, with a piece of […]

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EDHRECast Ep59 – Counterintuitive Commanders

If you’ve ever looked at a legendary creature and thought, “Nah, no way that works in Commander,” this episode is for you! There are tons of legends that, at first glance, don’t seem to work in EDH at all. Then there are the commanders that look like they favor a particular strategy, but may actually […]

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Commander Showdown – Estrid vs Tuvasa vs Kestia

Bantchantress has three amazing commanders… but how do their decks and strategies differ?

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Commander VS – Commander VS S14E5: Lord Windgrace VS Saheeli VS Aminatou VS Estrid

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MagicalHacker – THE BLOODHALL S10E3 | Sliver Hivelord vs Thrasios & Vial Smasher vs Estrid vs Phelddagrif

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Today, we are playing Sliver Hivelord, andit has fully embraced its new family of Planeswalkers. Will it slam some ults from the walkers of planes, or will we be defeated by the combos of Thrasios Triton Hero and Vial Smasher the Fierce, the Auras of Estrid, or the group hugs of […]

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