EDH Player Psychographics – Negotiating with Goblin Diplomats

Negotiation is for those who don’t attack enough. At least that’s what Goblin Diplomats think. Today is the sixth (and final?) edition of our EDH Player Psychographic series. We’ve covered Herm/Hermettes, Turtles, Mackenzies, Barktooths, and Puppet Masters. To round things out, we’ll take a look at perhaps the most extreme psychographic there is: the Goblin Diplomat, […]

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Fresh Meat — Neheb, the Eternal

Welcome to the first edition of Fresh Meat! You may read my bi-weekly series Dig Through Time where I review old sets of Magic and pull out underplayed gems. This series is going to be more infrequent. Whenever a new set comes out I’ll select an interesting new legend and walk you through some of the […]

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