The Toolbox – Let the Past Die, Kill it if You Have To… Then Bring it Back?

Welcome Back, Mr. Anderson Hello everybody and welcome back to The Toolbox! I am sure you’re wondering how I was actually allowed to continue writing my half-nonsense (let’s be honest, it is closer to 75%-nonsense) here on the site. I am just as surprised as you, but am even more excited for this article! If you […]

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Commander Focus — Muldrotha, the Gravetide

3 and a Black, Green, and Blue. Legendary Creature – Elemental Avatar, 6/6 No combat abilities… why should we care about this commander? During each of your turns, you may play up to one permanent card of each permanent type from your graveyard. Oh my… Your Graveyard and You For Muldrotha, the graveyard is a […]

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Commander Central E24 — Decks We Play: Glissa the Traitor

This week Dana, Max and Chris return to the Decks We Play series. In honor of Dana’s birthday we review his Glissa The Traitor Deathtouch Tribal Deck. We also discuss how we survived the Snowpocalypse of 2018. Support us on Patreon: Subscribe on Youtube: Subscribe on iTunes: Follow us on Twitter: […]

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Singleton Guild Wheel — Glissa and Her NEW Best Friends

Here we are folks, our fourth installment of the Singleton Guild Wheel. They still haven’t fired me, so here I am for another week giving you the lowdown on the most unnecessary deck building restriction since…highlander? Either way, thanks for stopping by again for this entry. Now to be completely honest this deck has been […]

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Budget Glissa, the Traitor — EDH / Commander : ARTIFACTS

Do you love exterminating your opponents’ creatures while recurring things from your graveyard? Well look no further as this budget Glissa, the Traitor deck allows for maximum destruction and has plenty of juicy artifacts to keep using over and over again. The best part? Other than the commander, all cards are under a dollar! Decklist […]

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