EDHRECast Ep80 – Unintended Consequences

The Trinisphere – Ayara vs Emry vs Grumgully vs Torbran | The Trinisphere | MTG

WARNING POTATO AUDIO!!! Sorry, but we recorded this match after taking all of our equipment to MF Atlanta and, it goes without saying, it was not re-calibrated! If you can withstand the ear-shredding audio, then you get to engage in the age-old battle of: Icker or AYE-Core? Check out this #MTGELD matchup using the new […]

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The Trinisphere – Grumgully the Generous Deck Tech | Timmy Tech | The Trinisphere | MTG

Grumgully is all about sharing. Sharing the damage that is. Check out this list by Juan the Timmy that goes wide and fast to swarm opponents with pumped up tokens. When you run out of gas, why not just burn them at the stake? Stay tuned to see this decktech in action against Ayara, Torbran, […]

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