Pursuit of Knowledge – Gruul

Uncharacteristically, Gruul pursues some knowledge by using some gameplay data.

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Uncommonders – Let’s Kick it While I Hallar at Ya!

Uncommon in both rarity and strategy, Hallar literally kicks things into high gear!

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Underdog’s Corner – Hallar, the Firefletcher

The Trinisphere – From Gruul Guild Kit to Ruric Thar EDH | Budget Tech | The Trinisphere | MTG

The Hosts of the Trinisphere converted the Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kits into budget EDH decklists! The rules were simple: Run a Commander and one of every card from your Guild Kit, and any additional cards are under $1 each! Timmy smashes pesky mages in this creature-centric anti-control deck. The Gruul Guild Kit features features powerful […]

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Legendary Creature Podcast – Gruul: Happy Little Trees

Let’s get some nice strong trees and look to our sturdy mountains, it’s time to channel our inner Gruul and paint a happy little Stomping Ground. Join us as Kyle and Andy explore the commander offerings Gruul has to offer. Kyle takes a close look at Nikya of the Old Ways and discovers some interesting […]

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Budget MTG Decks – Budget Nikya of the Old Ways – EDH/Commander RAMP

If you are going to buy magic product do so at TCGplayer.com. Not only will you get the best prices, but you’ll also be supporting the show as they sponsor us to keep making videos! Buy your Magic product here ► http://bit.ly/2UDYxjt Complete decklist ► http://bit.ly/2Bgiq9l Support the channel directly by becoming a patron today! […]

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Ravnica Allegiance Set Review – Gruul

Nikya of the Old Ways by Ryan Pancoast (@rpancoast_art) Not Gruul? THEN DIE! Hello, and welcome to EDHREC’s set review for Ravnica Allegiance! Right out the Guildgate, let me be honest: the Gruul color combination hasn’t ever truly resonated with me. However, this set is looking awesome, which means it might be time for that […]

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Affinity for Commander – Best in the Multiverse: Top 5 Gruul Commanders

Welcome back to another “Best in the Multiverse” video, brought to you by Affinity for Commander. Feel free to leave a comment below, and subscribe if you want to see more! Want to help the channel grow? Consider supporting us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Affinityforcommander Want to keep up to date with what we are up to? […]

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EDHRECast Ep34 – Happy Thromoksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! While Joey, Dana, and Matt all gorge on holiday food, we hope you enjoy a deck tech for a commander who’s just as hungry as they are: Thromok, the Insatiable! Joey brings the main course for Thromok’s strategy, Dana brings the veggies and other necessary essentials, and Matt supplies the dessert with a […]

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The Knowledge Pool – Omnath, Locus of Rage (Lands Part 2)

Hocus Pocus Locus Hi everyone! Welcome back to the Knowledge pool! Way back in September I introduced a two part series discussing a few of the different flavors of land based decks in Commander. Last time our focus was Tatyova, Benthic Druid, and we talked about the Simic color combination and the advantages that it […]

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