Commanders Brew – E164 – Jeskai Blink

Sean puts together a fun blink/flicker/blinker/flick deck with lots of recursion for all the Timmy’s and Tammys out there! Check out the podcast audio version: We now have a Patreon page! Go to if you’d like to donate and get all the cool perks! Head on over to for all your Magic […]

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Shape Anew – Aura Control with Zedruu

A New Shape Greetings fellow EDHREC addicts. Welcome to a new series of articles: Shape Anew. I am Willem-Jan Rensink, and as you might have guessed from that name, I’m from Europe (the Netherlands, in fact). I started playing Magic around Rise of Eldrazi and was immediately hooked. I love all the crazy possible interactions, […]

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Combining Hobbies — Martial Prowess

Hey Everyone! Kya here once again! I hope everyone is doing well and continuing to pour their heart and souls into their favorite hobbies. I know for me this month has been crazy. Between EDH, Warhammer, and Cosplay, there leaves little time to relax. However it’s dawned on me that I’ve been slacking on probably […]

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The Command Zone E208 — Jodah Brawl Deck Tech

Purchase our first ever Game Knights themed playmat AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: ———- Show Notes: On this episode we’re going in-depth on the Jodah, Archmage Eternal Brawl deck that Jimmy played on the latest episode of Game Knights. Find out what makes it so explosive! ———- Support us directly, be a part […]

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Commander Showdown — Zedruu vs Kynaios and Tiro

Commander Showdown is a series that compares and contrast two similar commanders, analyzes differences in strategy and deck construction, and evaluates how those differences are represented by the data here on EDHREC. Free Hugs Here on Commander Showdown we’ve discussed a wide array of deck archetypes, from token swarms to counterspell control. One we haven’t yet […]

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Partner Focus — Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker

Suppose, theoretically, that you are already bored with Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice. You’ve already built Atraxa as Infect, Planeswalkers, Thallid tribal, and even Angel/Horror tribal just to tone it down a notch. I’ve played multiple games recently against two different Atraxa builds at the same time, which is a testament to her power, popularity, and versatility. However, maybe you want […]

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Force Spike — What You Can Learn From Spikes Without Being One

Hi there, I’m Charles Emrich, and I’m a Spike. Now based on the various online arguments and table-talk I engage and listen to, it’s clear that high-powered multiplayer EDH isn’t everyone’s thing, but it’s definitely mine! Look, I understand where the more casual players are coming from; I was playing Derevi one time when an opponent first […]

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