Commanderin’ MTG – E082 – Jason Alt pt 1

Link to Jason Alt part 1 on our home page. EDHREC’s very own Jason Alt, master of all articles, comes commanderin’ for another awesome episode about MTG finance, which is especially interesting after the madness of Commander 2016. Find Jason everywhere: At Gathering Magic where he first coined the term 75% decks . […]

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Commanderin’ MTG Podcast E078 — Aether Revolt with Shawn Main

Howdy folks! We welcome Shawn Main back on the show to share his opinions about Aether Revolt and help us with a set review! It’s not like your normal set review, though – so tune in to hear something truly unique in Magic: The Gathering… podcastlandia. URL Shawn was the lead designer for the Kaladesh […]

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