Affinity for Commander E10 – Avacyn vs Kambal vs Nissa vs Feldon

Welcome back to another Magic the Gathering Commander / EDH gameplay video, featuring Martin playing “Feldon of the Third Path”, Danny playing “Avacyn, Angel of Hope”, Tom playing “Nissa, Vastwood Seer”, and Pup playing “Kambal, Consul of Allocation”. Feel free to leave a comment below, and subscribe if you want to see more! Decklists:… […]

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Commander’s Brew E125 — Kambal Drain

We’re back with a classic episode and deck in Kambal and his draining Orzhov army. Gain tons of life while slowly leeching from your opponents. PLUS a very special Holiday Treat! Check out the podcast audio version:… We now have a Patreon page! Go to if you’d like to donate and get all […]

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Commander VS S9E9 — Sedris vs Hope of Ghirapur vs Riku vs Kambal

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Alternative Outcomes — Competitive Kambal Taxation

Welcome to the home of Alternative Outcomes, a series of self-expression using the development and brewing of alternative builds, often of popular commanders. The name’s “Dev”, and I will be your guide on these journeys. I have been a proud Magic the Gathering player for over fifteen years and have competitive experience across multiple formats. […]

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The Grisly Salvage — Back Alley Magic, Yidris Thunderstorm and Wealthy Villain Gonti

Welcome to my weekly recap! I have some nice gameplay videos for you this week. We have a stormy Yidris, road raging Omnath and the wealthy villain Gonti. Also, get ready to get down and dirty with some Back Alley Magic. Weekly Gameplay Recap Yidris, Thunderstorm vs Olivia Voldaren It’s time to step into the […]

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