Superior Numbers – I Played 352 Games of EDH in 2019

The Knowledge Pool – Ezuri, Claw of Progress

CMDR Ninety Nine – Multi-versus: (Live at the Time) GP Tampa / Atraxa – Teysa – Tatyova – Kresh

Our Multi-versus series is played with a pod of four and a set of league rules awarding points to players with each coming game. This play group invites entertaining games while maintaining competitive aspects of the format. This game was recorded with other content creators during GP Tampa. This game is with our guests from […]

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The Trinisphere – Budget Kresh Aristocrats | Budget Tech | The Trinisphere | MTG

“Wait, how big is Kresh?” – A question every Kresh player get used to answering. This budget Jund Aristocrats deck runs a ton of creature-based interaction to grow Kresh’s braids while keeping opponents backpedaling in order to avoid lethal commander damage. Decklist: Catch us on Twitter @thetrinisphere! And post your brews over at […]

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The Knowledge Pool – 2018 Deck Updates

Time for an Update Hi everyone! Welcome back to The Knowledge Pool. With 2018 now behind us, I wanted to take a look back at a few of the decks I’ve demoed and suggest a few updates that I think would help take them to the next level. This past year I’ve presented 18 decks in […]

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The Toolbox – Reborn with the New Year

A Saga of Sagas Hello everybody and welcome to the New Year! For those new to the series, this is The Toolbox! Here we take a look at underplayed cards and evaluate where they should be played. Yes, I do say ‘we’ because I want to hear what you guys think as well; I am not always […]

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Commander VS Special: Kresh vs Xantcha vs Rhys vs Atraxa

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EDHREC Ultimate Masters Preview Card!

What’s in the Box?!? Welcome to EDHREC’s official preview card! I’m Andrew Cummings, and I normally write the Ultra Budget Brews article series here at EDHREC. Today I get to do something pretty exciting, which you’ve probably already deduced involves showing you a card that’s about to be reprinted in Ultimate Masters! I want to […]

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The Knowledge Pool — Kresh the Bloodbraided

Hi everyone! Welcome back to The Knowledge Pool! Most commanders have an obvious theme and encourage us to play specific cards. This is apparent when we consider the decks I’ve presented so far. Mayael wants us to play with big creatures, Trostani wants us to make tokens, and Kydele wants to untap. I personally love […]

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MTG Muddstah — Titania vs Kresh vs Gishath vs Nath

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