Strategic Planning – Mono Blue Aggro

Playtest it before you buy it! Tetsuko’s sneaking her way into an awesome new brew.

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Forgotten Harvest – Water Polo

Leviathans wearing boots, Krakens with swords, Oysters wielding hammers, and all of them on horseback!

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Epic Experiment – Slinn Voda Wizards

Leviathans are a Wizard’s best friend.

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Conditions Allow – Linessa, Zephyr Mage

Grandeur? In a singleton format? It can’t be done… or can it?

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60 to 100 – Blue. Beats. Battlestar Galactica!

Turning Autumn Burchett’s Mythic Championship Mono-Blue Tempo deck into a 100-card Commander deck!

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MTG Muddstah – Mistform vs Baral vs Sai vs Arcanis

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Epic Experiment – Teferi Dual Cannon

Epic Preparations Good morning, EDHREC! I’m Bernardo Melibeu and this is Epic Experiment, a series where we throw all common sense aside and experiment with some unusual cards, effectively changing how we normally build our deck. Is it going to work? Who knows?! We’re making science here. When you’re an Izzet mage, blowing things up in […]

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Commander Central Ep72 – Decks You Play: Kaho, Minamo Historian

Dana, Max and Chris sit down to go over Patreon supporter Jerry’s Kaho, Minamo Historian deck. Can they help Jerry find a clear path to victory in this mono blue deck? Jerry’s Deck: Support us on Patreon: Support us by using promo code CMDR at Flipside Gaming: Subscribe on Youtube: Subscribe […]

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Commander Cookout Ep 86 – Empress Galina Beat You Up

Hello and welcome to another episode of Commander Cookout Podcast. This week on CCOPodcast, the boys discuss a mono blue list that aims to solve Blue’s board presence (or lack thereof) problem. Peep the list here: If you’d like to tell us how we did, you can do so by sending an email to […]

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MTG Tonight – Mono Blue Mill EDH

Support this production on Patreon: Twitter: Find Maci here! Archive Trap Archmage Ascension Blatant Thievery Blue Sun’s Zenith Brainstorm Breakthrough Cackling Counterpart Clone Copy Enchantment Cyclonic Rift Deep Analysis Fleet Swallower Fraying Sanity Impulse jace Beleren Jace, Memory Adept jace, the Mind Sculptor Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy Jace’s Archivist Kami […]

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