Jolt539 – Jolt – Commander – Damia, Sage of Stone vs Nicol Bolas, the Ravager

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Underground Sea – Underground Sea – Centurion – Control Decks

Guida ai Control Deck nel meta Centurion, in collaborazione con la community italiana del Commander Centurion, con dettagli e spiegazioni su quali mazzi sono presenti in questo formato 1 vs 1. Link Utili: Top 8 Torneo Decimatio I: Top 16 Torneo Decimatio II: Top 16 Torneo Decimatio III: […]

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EDHRECast 104: The Least Unique Commander in Every Color Combination

CMDR Ninety Nine – Live (At the Time) W3 G1 – Paper Commander / EDH VOD – Hazezon – Nicol Bolas – Freyalise – Syr Carah

This week everything went off without a hitch so sit back and enjoy! We still need bots, chat will be adjusted. As far as the decks leave a comment and tell us what you think. Subscribe to our channel: Share the video: Decklists: Johnny’s Hazezon Tamar TBD Kody’s (Fishin a Merfolk Podcast) Freyalise Llanowar’s […]

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CMDR Ninety Nine – Live (At the Time) – Paper Commander / EDH Gameplay VOD – Elsha- Kamahl – Nicol Bolas – Daretti

Thursday night stream is slowly becoming a thing here on our channel. This is a stream replay uploaded from January 30th 2020. MTGMuddstah brings Elsha of the Infinite and all it’s top of deck value. Jolt is play a classic with mono green stompy. Shannon of The Trinisphere has brought a planeswalker tribal deck in […]

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MTG Muddstah – Rankle vs Greven vs Nicol Bolas, the Ravager vs Azusa EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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Game Knights – Commander Cube w/ Brandon Sanderson l Game Knights #31 l Magic: the Gathering EDH Gameplay

This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Check out our Kickstarter to help us improve Game Knights and receive some awesome rewards! ———- Show Notes: Best-selling author Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn, The Stormlight Archives, The Wheel of Time) brings his own custom designed Commander Cube to the Game Knights studio for an epic […]

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MTG Muddstah – Trostani vs Niv-Mizzet, Reborn vs Olivia Voldaren vs Nicol Bolas, the Ravager EDH / CMDR

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Commander Central – 116 – Decks You Play Nicol Bolas the Ravager

Dana and Max are back for another Decks You Play. This week is Patreon supporter Chris’ Nicol Bolas the Ravager deck. Tune in to see if they can shore up the weak points of the Grixis Threaten deck, and help it ravage its opponents. Chris’ Deck: TeeSpring Link for CMDR Central Apparel: Support […]

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MagicalHacker – THE BLOODHALL S13E5ish | Medomai the Ageless vs Nicol Bolas the Ravager vs Skithiryx vs Narset

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Today, we are playing the BONUS game of Medomai since I wasn’t able to add it to Monday’s video, and Medomai is here for some extra goodness. Will he be able to squash the silly Nicol Bolas the Ravager’s discard effects, Skithiryx the Blight Dragon’s infecting triflings, and Narset Enlightened Master’s […]

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