The Spike Feeders – Magic: The Gathering Commander Gameplay | The Spike Feeders S2E7

On this episode of Magic: the Gathering competitive EDH gameplay, the guys are flexing their brewing muscles, putting together a few decks using only mono-coloured commanders! Turn 1: 1:03 Turn 2: 1:44 Turn 3: 2:48 Turn 4: 6:34 Turn 5: 11:49 Turn 6: 19:40 Turn 7: 26:09 Decklists: Jim: KSai ( Eliot: Naru Meha’s Infinite […]

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Commander VS S9E8 — Dragonlord Ojutai vs Volrath vs Maelstrom Wanderer vs Omnath Locus of Mana

Break out the party favors and celebratory cake, because this is the 100th episode of Commander VS! What do Parnell, Noell, Suarez, and Green have in store for this momentous occasion? Let’s party! Decklists:… Subscribe to us for more Magic content:… Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow the […]

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The Grisly Salvage

What’s up everybody! My name is Lanny but you can call me Jolt. I have a YouTube channel with a heavy focus on EDH game-play videos. Monday through Thursday is a rotation of EDH decks that I’ve already established, every other Friday I get out a new EDH deck tech and game-play videos. I like to […]

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Budget Omnath, Locus of Mana — EDH / Commander : RAMP

Do you like to have access to obscene amounts of mana while being able kill your opponents through commander damage, with big fatties or loads of tokens? Then look no further, this budget Omnath, Locus of Mana commander deck has you covered. The best part? Other than the commander, all cards are under a dollar! […]

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