Epic Experiment – Protean Hulk

The Spike Feeders – WTB SP Islands | $75 BUDGET Magic: the Gathering EDH Gameplay

Aloha, Spikes! Summer Magic is in full swing, and we figured we’d finally make good on a promise we made at the beginning of S3. We’re bringing back $75 Budget Commader! Well, kind of. DECKLISTS Jan: $75 Food Chain Tazri by u/YoshmoHT (https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/1759356#paper) Jim: $75 Meren Hulk by u/charlz2121 (https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/1776329#paper) Eliot: $75 Yuriko by u/tsunii […]

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Lab Maniacs – cEDH Deck Tech: Shuffle Hulk

Sigi is joined by Sickrobot as they talk about Sickrobot’s deck Shuffle Hulk. This is a Flash Hulk deck that has gone through several generations of tuning and has proven to be a fast and resilient deck. Beyond that Sickrobot has been piloting this deck to an incredible win rate in open games and won […]

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The Trinisphere – Atraxa Shufflehulk | Spike Tech | The Trinisphere | MTG

Crafted for The Trinisphere’s Battle of the Brews segment – where each host brews the same commander in a different way, and then battle it out for bragging rights. This budget Spike list uses a combination of creatures fetchable from Protean Hulk to infinitely drain opponents’ life. Additionally, there’s a combo that generates infinite Mana […]

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Lab Maniacs – Strategy Spotlight: Protean Hulk

Today we are launching a new piece of content called a Strategy Spotlight. In this Dan and Cameron take an in depth look at a major strategy in the Competitive EDH meta and talk about its history, its strengths, weaknesses, its place in the meta, its impact on other decks and where we could see […]

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Lab Maniacs – Deck Tech: Breakfast Hulk

Today Dan and Sigi walk through Sigi’s Thrasios & Tymna Breakfast Hulk deck. The routes to victory, ways it protects itself, some difficulties the deck has and some example starting hands are discussed. Decklist is available here: https://goo.gl/ZyvEpn We really appreciate the support you have shown us as fans, as it has gotten us this […]

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Lab Maniacs – S2 Episode 6: Razahulk Firebrand vs Jeleva Storm vs Jeskai Ascendancy vs Thrasios Hulkweaver

Competitive Multiplayer EDH gameplay and commentary brought to you by the Laboratory Maniacs from the PlayEDH Discord server. Deck Explainations & Opening Hands – 0:36 Start of Game – 10:20 In this episode we have cobblepott, Luke, Cameron, and Dan battle it out. Decks in this Episode: Razahulk Firebrand: https://goo.gl/JJkXzi Jeleva Storm: https://goo.gl/q6pxWK Jeskai Ascendancy: […]

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EDHREC News Update 4/24/17

Welcome to our first news update here at EDHREC. Since we want to become your one stop shop for all things EDH we wanted to give you a quick rundown of recent events in the EDH world. Yesterday was a huge day for us! In case you missed it, here is a link to the […]

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