MTG Muddstah — Meren vs Derevi vs Grand Arbiter vs Rafiq

►Like what you see? Why not subscribe: 2 Bants, a Golgari, and an Azorious walk into a bar…. I forget the punchline but we all die. Welcome to my first four player EDH game! More coming soon. This video was filmed on location at Gamerz Co-Op ( in Montreal, Quebec. Decklist:… Tweet me […]

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Competitive Nature — Rafiq of the Many

Welcome back! This week, we look to beef up another “average” deck to make it more competitive. EDH offers several different avenues to attack. Last time, we looked at Karador, Ghost Chieftain where the objective was to quickly assemble a combo that leveraged our graveyard and kill all our opponents in one continuous loop. The deck […]

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