Underdog’s Corner – Savra, Queen of the Golgari

A City of Thrills Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of the Underdog’s Corner! My name is Mason Brantley, and if you’ve never joined us before, this series is all about the commanders that deserve a little more of the spotlight. These commanders might be one of the least popular choices from their […]

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Affinity for Commander – Best in the Multiverse: Top 5 Dimir Commanders

Welcome back to another Magic: the Gathering Commander / EDH “Best in the Multiverse” video, brought to you by Affinity for Commander. Feel free to leave a comment below, and subscribe if you want to see more! Want to help the channel grow? Consider supporting us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Affinityforcommander Want to keep up to date […]

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Commander Showdown – Lazav vs Lazav

Identity Theft With the release of Guilds of Ravnica, the Dimir guild grows ever more mysterious. The more we learn about them, the more and more elusive they become. Though we all know and love Lazav, Dimir Mastermind and his Jaqen H’ghar impersonation, this faceless man has changed his identity once again, now sporting the title Lazav, […]

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Bringing Magic to Life – Trip Down Memory Lane

Throwback Tuesdays Good afternoon everyone! Kya here once again for another (and long due) installment of Bringing Magic to Life! It’s been a long time since we did some 3D prints, and I must say, I think I owe everyone quite a bit! I was thinking about making something fun and new for the new […]

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The 600 – Predicting the Popularity of Guilds of Ravnica Commanders

Like Deja Vu All Over Again Love baseless speculation? Keep reading, pal. It’s about to get super baseless up in here. Today, I’ll predict the popularity of every new commander from Guilds of Ravnica. (Before reading further, don’t forget my 600 article for Commander 2018. Extremely baseless). This plane has given us popular commanders in the past including […]

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Guilds of Ravnica Set Review – Guildless (Pt.2)

No Guilds, No Masters Hello EDHREC! It’s time for the best part of Ravnica: the guildless cards of the set, of course! After all, we all know that no one likes the guilds. #EndOfTheGuildPact. All jokes aside, in this article I’m going to cover the red, green, artifact, and land cards that don’t have any […]

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Singleton Guild Wheel — Wrexial and the Gimme Gimme’s

This article is part 5 of a 10 part series covering the Singleton Guild Wheel Project, a 10 deck project in which there is only a single copy of any non-basic land among the 10 decks. Each deck uses the color combination of a different Ravnican guild. The methodology is introduced here and expanded upon each […]

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Dig Through Time — Ravnica Block

This installment of Dig Through Time digs all the way back to 2006 and one of my favorite blocks of all time: Ravnica! As you may know, Ravnica is the block that introduced us to guilds, and the guild names that we all still use today. The block includes Ravnica: City of Guilds, Dissension, and […]

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