Alternative Outcomes — Breya

Non-Basic Lands for Breya, Etherium Shaper EDH

Welcome to the home of Alternative Outcomes, a series of self-expression through the development and brewing of alternative builds, often of popular commanders. The name’s “Dev”, and I will be your guide on these journeys. I have proudly played Magic the Gathering player for over fifteen years with competitive experience across multiple formats. EDH, to me, […]

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There is a Better Version.dec

The number of times I’ve built a Commander deck, sleeved it up and brought it to Magic night, ready to drop it on some unsuspecting friends/foes only to have someone remark about my awesome deck, “You know there’s a better version of X” or “Why don’t you just run X instead?” is TOO DAMN HIGH. […]

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Low Market — Sedris Reanimator

Digging Deep Hello and welcome to the launch of Low Market! I’m Bryce Miller, Commander fiend and co-host of the Talking Atlas podcast. This brand-new series of articles works to satisfy your Commander deck cravings without decimating your wallet! That is, a low budget build. Low budget means different things to different people. Most players set a budget […]

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