Replacement Commanders – Furballs of Warfare

Happy Holidays from the EDHREC Crew!

Replacement Commanders – Time to Troll!

Replacement Commanders – I Vant to Suck Your Blood!

Replacement Commanders – The Best Jeskai Precon Commander?!

Replacement Commanders – The Fairest of Phyrexian Mana

Replacement Commanders – Recurring Nightmares

( | Art by Steve Prescott) The Next Link in the Chain Welcome back, Commander faithful, to another 2019 edition of Replacement Commanders! This is where we shine the spotlight on the unique legendary creatures in the Commander 2019 precon decks that didn’t make it on the front of the packaging. Before we get into […]

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Replacement Commanders – Crackin’ Eggs, Hatching Monsters!

Replacement Commanders – SURPRISE! Izzet Another Krenko Deck?!

Well, Izzet? Aha! Hello again, you lovely readers! I know, you are surprised and astounded, but I promise you, my name is still Seth Cross and this is the real, actual-factual final installment of the Replacement Commanders series for Commander 2018! A few articles ago I wrote about Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer, and toward the end of […]

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Replacement Commanders – Kingdom of the Undead

Dusk of the Dead Hello again, my beloved readers! My name is Seth Cross and I am back for the final installment of this year’s edition of Replacement Commanders! This series is dedicated to looking at the Commander precon decks each year, pulling aside the legendary creatures that were not chosen to be the face […]

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