The Toolbox – Earnest Fellowship

Only 100 decks play this card, and earnestly, that’s not enough.

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MagicalHacker – THE BLOODHALL S18E1 | Bruse Tarl & Kraum vs Oloro vs Rienne vs Temmet

Welcome to the Bloodhall! Bruse Tarl Boorish Herder has enlisted the help of Kraum Ludevic Opus to lead an army of a bunch of creatures flickering in the distance. Will they be able to command a blink deck to a victory over Oloro Ageless Ascetic’s lifegain silliness, Rienne Angel of Rebirth’s multicolored creatures nonsense, and […]

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CMDR Ninety Nine – Singleton Showdown: S2 E8 MTG Commander / EDH Online w/ Andrew aka MTGMuddstah

Our Singleton Showdown series is played with a pod of four online and a set of league rules. This play group invites for entertaining games while maintaining competitive aspects of the format. Join in as we play some Commander and talk about card choice, mtg news, the Commander format and other things. Support us directly […]

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Commanders Brew – E202 – Rienne, Angel of Rebirth | Commander’s Brew | Magic the Gathering

This week Andy & Sean offer their take on the new M20 Buy-a Box Promo, Rienne, Angel of Rebirth! It’s an interesting new spin on a Naya commander and we couldn’t be more excited to talk about it! Check out the podcast audio version: We now have a Patreon page! Go to if […]

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Core Set 2020 Review – Gold and Colorless

One More Mana – Command Center #46 | Core Set 2020 Legends Review | Magic: the Gathering EDH

Welcome MTG community to our channel, One More Mana. This is Command Center where discuss some of our favorite commanders in elder dragon highlander and some awesome synergies with those cards. If you enjoy the video please Support us on: Follow us on Twitter: Tweets by ManaSquad Follow us on Facebook: #EDH #MTG […]

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The Commander’s Quarters – Rienne, Angel of Rebirth | M20 Spoiler | EDH | Budget | Multicolor | Commander Quick Take

Command your budget! Here at The Commander’s Quarters we brew fun and focused $25 EDH decks. Today we do a Commander Quick Take on the recently spoiled Rienne, Angel of Rebirth from M20. For Rienne we go through an initial direction and potential cards to include! ———- Support us directly, get rewards, and join The […]

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