Weird Harvest — Unexpected Results

Hello everyone! Welcome back for another Weird Harvest, where we strive to keep EDH janky. This week I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a while and really step outside of my comfort zone. As you’ve likely gathered I’m mostly an Abzan mage, and I lean very heavily on the Orzhov removal package. […]

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Commander VS S10E1 — Yahenni vs Rishkar vs Ramos vs Balan

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Low Market — Rishkar’s Dork Army

Fight the Power Now that Aether Revolt is in the wild, we here at Low Market are doing our level best to stick it to the Man. We’ve located a druid sympathetic to the renegade cause, and he could really use a budget deck, so let’s give him a hand! Exchange Rates In its base […]

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