The GMGC – 3 Player EDH Saheeli, the gifted vs Queen Marchesa vs Mizzix of the Izmagus

Fancy Cognac and cards on a Friday. Can Mardu stand against the Izzet. Will Peter again swarm us with thopters?? Will Phil spell sling us to death. Watch and see. Saheeli, the Gifted Queen Marchesa

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The GMGC – 3 player EDH Ur-Dragon vs Saheeli, the Gifted vs Maelstrom Wanderer

Watch me make horrible plays… Can Peter drunkenly stumble to victory?? Will the Maelstrom value train win??? Watch and see..

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The GMGC – 5 player STAR game play Stonebrow vs Sen Triplets vs Saheeli vs Korlash vs Queen Marchesa

Who plays who?? Who gets the dry HJ?? Who thinks they’re smarter than everyone?? Watch and see!!! 5 player star edh.

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The GMGC – 3 Player EDH Bruse/Tymna vs Nicol Bolas vs Saheeli

Watch Peter give SJ the game like a noob. WOW. Please pay for study. Always. No for real, pay the tax Bruse and Tymna Niv

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Will War of the Spark Make “Oops, All Planeswalkers” Viable in All Colors?

Mind Bend – Izzet Reanimator

The GMGC – 3 player EDH, Saheeli, the Gifted vs Neheb, the Worthy vs Niv-Mizzet, Parun

Can Peter finally break his duck and drunkenly fall over the victory line?? Can Neheb discard out race Niv-Mizzet draw?? Can the Rakdos deck do anything against two Izzet decks?? Watch and see!! Deck lists, Sorry none for Saheeli yet Also if like this channel you’ll like these

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The GMGC – 4 player EDH gameplay Gonti vs Saheeli vs K&T vs Seizan

Watch a 4 player EDH game that gets petty AF. Watch the video to find out how many of us wore Jnco jeans back in the day. Quality banter , spicy plays and a bamboozle win.

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Commander VS – Commander VS S14E5: Lord Windgrace VS Saheeli VS Aminatou VS Estrid

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MTG Muddstah – Teysa Karlov vs Saheeli vs Raff vs Tymna | Tana

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