Superior Numbers – Five Lessons Learned from Brewing with Five Colors

CMDR Ninety Nine – Paper Commander – Live (At the Time) W8 G2 – EDH Gameplay VOD

The games from Week 8 – MrCombo5 from CMD Tower – P.J. of Commander Replay – Red Zone Gaming and Austin piloting Teysa. Subscribe to our channel: Share the video: Decklists: Austin’s (CMDR Ninety Nine) Kethis, the Hidden Hand:—kethis–the-hidden-hand/1370310?utm_source=CMDR99&utm_medium=CMDR99&utm_term=&utm_content=magic&utm_campaign=affiliate Buy This Deck! Justin’s (Red Zone Gaming) TBD P.J.’s (Commander Replay) TBD Mr […]

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Commander Cookout – Commander Cookout Podcast, Ep 168 – Sisay WUBRG Toolbox | Magic the Gathering | EDH | Deck Tech

Hello and welcome to another very special episode of Commander Cookout Podcast! Today on CCOPodcast, the boys continue the Arc of Level Up Yours where we take Patron-submitted decks and discussed how building and playing them has helped our audience grow to be better Magic Players. A new Arc means new giveaways, as well. Listen […]

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Too-Specific Top 10 – Big Rocks

CMDR Ninety Nine – Live (At the Time) – Paper Commander / EDH Gameplay VOD – Sisay – Hogaak – Kambal – Erebos

Thursday night stream week 2 had a few technical difficulties. P.J.’s camera in game 1 was having some issues and though we fixed them by game 2. The stream was cut short due to some weather trouble on Austin’s end. This is a stream replay uploaded from February 6th 2020. Subscribe to our channel: […]

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Welcome back to another Commander Gameplay episode! We have some classic decks here on display, but we thought this was an awesome game with some interesting interactions! Hope you enjoy! Please use our affiliate/personal links if you’re looking for any cards or products: BIG ORBIT CARDS: MAGIC MADHOUSE: AZZ’s CARDS: TROY’s CARDS: […]

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Welcome back to another Commander Gameplay Video! This is the first properly edited video for 2020, and we hope you enjoy the extra time we’re spending on the edits. There were a few life/rules irregularities in the video, but its all a learning curve! Luckily the mistakes didn’t really influence the outcome and chaos that […]

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MTG Muddstah – Sisay vs Freyalise vs Pharika vs Sevinne EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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MagicalHacker – 🎢 Commander/EDH Gameplay – Tatyova VS Oloro VS Kolaghan VS Sisay Weatherlig… – THE BLOODHALL S19E4

Welcome to The Bloodhall! Today, we are wrapping up season 19 with the commander Kolaghan the Storm’s Fury. She has come a long way from where we first started, but is that enough for her to defeat Sisay Weatherlight Captain, Tatyova Benthic Druid, and Oloro Ageless Ascetic? Watch to find out! 🎉 JOIN MY TEAM […]

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The Trinisphere – Sisay vs Oketra vs Chromium vs Etali | Budget Battle | The Trinisphere | MTG

Last gameplay of 2019! And to save up some money for the new year, we’re battling it out with $50 lists! Who will finish the year out the victor? Juan, the Timmy, with Chromium Control; Hogg the Spike with God-Eternal Oketra and her Armies; Shannon, the Johnny, win it all with his five-color Planeswalkers helmed […]

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