The Toolbox – Triumph of the Praetors

( | Art by Joseph Meehan) The End of the Saga of Sagas Welcome back to The Toolbox! Here we take a look at underplayed cards and evaluate where they ought to see more play. Yes, I do say ‘we’ because I want to hear what you all think as well; I am not always right. […]

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MTG Lexicon – Commander/EDH Gameplay | S3E50.2 – Djeru VS Skullbriar VS Ramos VS Tawnos | Paper MTG FFA

Tonight’s battle is a 4-player free-for-all Commander game featuring Djeru, With Eyes Open (Guest Pax) VS Ramos, Dragon Engine (Host Dale) VS Skullbriar, the Walking Grave (Host Matt G) VS Tawnos, Urza’s Apprentice (Guest Matt H). Read on to get the goods. Decklists can be found here: Djeru, With Eyes Open ►► Ramos, Dragon […]

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MTG Lexicon – 2HG Commander/EDH Gameplay | S3E41.1 – Ghoulcaller Gisa & Oviya Pashiri VS Skullbriar & Marwyn

Tonight’s battle is a TWO HEADED GIANT Commander game featuring Ghoulcaller Gisa (Johnny AKA JohnnyVGood) AND Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter (Guest Paxton AKA P3, The Beast) VS Skullbriar, the Walking Grave (Matt G AKA MattInTheChat) AND Marwyn, the Nurturer (Nick G AKA G3). Read on to get the goods. Decklists can be found here: Ghoulcaller […]

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Commander VS S13E3: Skullbriar vs Niv-Mizzet vs Tuvasa vs Etrata

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Andrew Jackson Highlander – Skullbriar, the Walking Grave

Unstoppable, Yet Affordable Welcome to Andrew Jackson Highlander! AJH is a series where I build and share $20 deck techs. While this series will probably be new to most of you, I started posting this series six weeks ago on Reddit (those older articles will also be accessible on EDHREC via my author page). For […]

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