The Nitpicking Nerds – Commander Quickie #6: Sunforger Will Fix Your Boros Deck

Our latest installment of Commander Quickies has us taking a look at an old card to answer a recent problem that Red/White decks have been having. How are they going to gain card advantage and ways to use their mana each turn? Sunforger can answer both of those questions, and you’ll see the best ways […]

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Commander Central Ep67 – The Great Sunforger Debate

Dana, Max and Chris sit down to evaluate a card they are weren’t fans of weeks ago, that card is Sunforger. Do their opinions change when digging deeper into the card? Also they do a mini deck tech for Patron John. John’s Deck:¬† Support us on Patreon:¬† Support us by using promo code CMDR at […]

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