Playing With Power – Tatyova vs Oona vs Arcum Daggson vs Tymna/Tana – Competitive EDH – Playing With Power MTG

*THIS EPISODE WAS FILMED BEFORE THE BAN OF PARADOX ENGINE!* This episode brings a variety of different decks and archetypes to the table. Paradox Arcum, Tymna/Tana Blood Pod, Tatyova Land Value Engine, and Oona Queen of the Fae combo mill. We would love to hear what you thought about this video! Please comment below and […]

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Commander Central – 114 – Decks You Play Tana the Bloodsower and Vial Smasher the Fierce

Dana and Max are back with another Decks You Play. This week they are covering Patron supporter John’s Tana the Bloodsower and Vial Smashwer the Fierce partner deck. Although partners lead the deck, the true power are the hidden commanders to help get the wheels turning. Tune in to see how they take this deck […]

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Commander VS – Commander VS: Sidar Kondo & Tana VS Tuvasa VS O-Kagachi VS Athreos [EDH]

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MagicalHacker – THE BLOODHALL S???E4 | ??? vs Ludevic & Vial Smasher vs Naban vs Tymna & Tana

Welcome to the Bloodhall! This month, I am really busy with wedding preparations, and things, so I am taking a break from my normal schedule (EXCEPT PATREON VIDEOS, WHICH ARE UNAFFECTED) and doing videos of my decks at random. Enjoy! JOIN MY TEAM ON PATREON: SUPPORT ME BY BUYING ACCESSORIES ON INKEDGAMING: WATCH […]

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The Spike Feeders – Magic: the Gathering Commander Gameplay | The Spike Feeders S3E2

Another Thursday, another episode of Spike Feeders gameplay! For this episode we gave the ol’ decklist database a shake, and these are the ones that fell out. Enjoy! DECKLISTS Jim: Anafenza Raz-Bear-y Jam ( Bill: Razakats ( Jerry: Blood Pod ( Eliot: Zur Ad Nauseam ( TURNS Turn 1: 1:46 Turn 2: 2:59 Turn 3: […]

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Legendary Creature Podcast – Tokens | Commander Themes |+ Tana & Vial Smasher Deck Tech

It’s not uncommon for a token strategy to make you feel like you just invested in BitConnect. All the promises of riches get blown away with those pesky board wipes every opponent seems to have. Join us this week as Kyle and Andy explore the commander deck theme of tokens, and dive into how to […]

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Commander Cookout Ep108 – Tana the Bloodsower

Hello and welcome to another very special episode of Commander Cookout Podcast! Today on CCOPodcast, the boys talk about another of Brando’s atrocities. Tana the Bloodsower. Peep the list here: If you’d like to let us know how we did, get after us on Twitter @CCOPodcast and @CCOBrando. Check out to find out […]

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The Spike Feeders – Magic: The Gathering Commander Gameplay | The Spike Feeders S2E8

We’re back for another competitive commander game! This week the guys wanted to show the decklist database ( some love. Decklists: Jim: Paradox Scepter Thrasios ( deck credit to ShaperSavant and AlwaysSleepy Eliot: Shimmer Zur ( Jan: Circu Lantern Control ( Jerry: Tana/Tymna Blood Pod ( Turn 1: 1:38 Turn 2: 3:50 Turn 3: 7:03 […]

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Underdog’s Corner – Reyhan, Last of the Abzan

MTG Muddstah – Teysa Karlov vs Saheeli vs Raff vs Tymna | Tana

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