Mind Bend – Gruul Control

EDHRECast Ep54 – The Saltiest Cards in EDH ft. Bennie Smith

The results are in! EDHREC ran a poll that received over 500,000 votes about the most salt-inducing cards in Commander, and renowned Star City Games writer Bennie Smith joins the cast to help interpret that data! Take a listen to find out the most-hated cards in EDH, plus some sage advice from Bennie about the […]

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Pogobat Gaming – EDHREC Tech: “Hangry Vorinclex”

If you’re a vorthos, check me on this, but I’m pretty sure that Vorinclex’s backstory goes something like: Vorinclex got hungry, which made him mad, so he ate an entire forest, and then ate some expanses of land that weren’t even his, and after all that he’s still just as hungry, and just as mad. […]

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